Thank you for visiting my services page. I started in the design business as a teenager with my own projects like art prints & printed T shirts, then fliers & album covers etc., then websites & apps & fonts & the list just grew over time. For some clients I simply provide an illustration or a logo or a layout but for others I may work for months, even years on huge projects with hundreds of moving parts across multiple media. I do not necessarily work alone. I work with an array of great artists, programmers, designers etc. as called for. Many of these same people are contributors to my own projects. I’m always open to explore new opportunities to create.

My primary services include:

Art / Design / Production / Development  / Deployment

Here’s an explanation of what that breaks down to.

Custom Lettering:

Hand drawn &/or vector lettering is one of my favorite tasks. I commonly work to provide unique, original lettering for projects such as brand & company logos, clothing designs, tattoos, games & apps, movies, advertising etc. Custom lettering finds it’s way into just about every medium from fine art to commercial design in any genre or industry. For me lettering is passion & life-long pursuit.

Digital Typeface Design:

My Graffiti Fonts® type foundry started in 1999. I had the honor of being one of the first graffiti artists to bring authentic graffiti styles into the world of digital typograhy. I was further honored to be recognized as such by a few prestigious sources including Yale University. I’ve published about 100 digital typefaces (fonts) & there are always dozens of new ones in the in the works. All of my typefaces are available for commercial licensing.

If your organization or project needs custom or even proprietary typeface design, coding, software, licensing or consultancy I’d be happy to help.

Print Design:

As an artist I was doing graphic design before I knew what the term meant. I drew & painted a lot as a kid & got into graffiti art in junior high. I have been doing logos, & fliers & posters & packaging etc…. ever since. Currently I have over two decades of commercial experience in print media, typography & lettering, illustration, books & magazines, screen print, laser etching, CNC machining & other printing & manufacturing processes. I’m literate in the usual array of vector, bitmap, word processing & office software & experienced in digital photography, image processing, illustration and in printing/manufacturing processes themselves.

Web Design, Coding,

I’ve worked to self-publish my creations & my services online since the late 90’s. I run several sites for my own projects & have designed, built, hosted & maintained hundreds of web sites & associated services for clients across many industries. My repertoire includes: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Flash, WordPress, MySQL, Apache, Linux, Dreamweaver, git & various other apps, languages & platforms to varying degrees.

Mobile Application & Software Design

In building interactive systems like web sites, apps, roms & games I’ve been able to explore just about every aspect of the conception, engineering, development, deployment, maintenance & promotion of web sites, software applications and games. The lines between sites, games & applications are disappearing & for better or worse I’ve worked across the production process in the development of web & native apps and games for various platforms.