I am always happy to hear about new projects & opportunities. If you are interested in my services please feel free to email me any time at [email protected] or connect with me through any of my social networks.

Raseone Facebook: facebook.com/fulltimeartist

FTA Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/feedthemart

Raseone Instagram: instagram.com/raseone

You can also reach me through some our other websites such as:

fulltimeartists.com My original website representing the entire FTA crew from 1991 – present day. This site features huge galleries of graffiti art, lettering, design & even music.

graffitifonts.com The official homepage of my original Graffiti Fonts® type foundry. Founded in 2001, The Graffiti Fonts® project is my largest collective work & also includes contributions from many other artist.

graffwriter.com The original graffiti text generator… actually it was the 2nd or third but it was the first to give users an actual image they could use. It also hosts the image for you & gives you a url to link to if you like. It has created many millions of graffiti style text objects.

I also maintain pages on various other sites:


One of the first, best & most legitimate sources of most any typeface.


Another of the first, best & most legitimate sources of most any typeface.


Probably the best all-around site for free digital typefaces otherwise known as fonts