Murals, Paintings, Illustration & Metal Artwork for Crawdaddy Restaurant

Crawdaddy was opening a second location much larger than the original and I was tasked with providing all of the interior artwork while construction was underway. I created 2 full-size graffiti murals in spray paint, 3 printed aluminum panels, a large, laser-cut metal piece made of copper, aluminum & steel, a woodcut design & 4 painted columns.

Crawfish geometric sketches

All of the artwork for the murals, printed pieces & laser cuts was sketched out & developed ahead of time & many initial concepts & designs were provided.

Crawdaddy crawfish art work in progress

Dozens of different color combination were developed & a number of test prints were run until we found the best combinations.

Crawfish design by Raseone

36×36 original, hand drawn artwork printed on mirror-finish aluminum plates.


The original pen & pencil artwork was digitally painted in 9 different color schemes until a final 3 were chosen to be mounted side by side.


The 3 versions are colorized so that the hues from each panel blend into the next panel

Fresh 3D Piece by Raseone

This 3D Piece reads “Fresh”. It’s pretty small for a wildstyle & was painted over faux brick that I painted & distressed. The client wanted the murals to be very bright &
to add a splash of color to the earthy palate of the decor.

Crawdaddy Graffiti by Raseone

Crawdaddy graffiti mural in the entry -way of the restaurant. Here the client wanted to bring in more color and incorporate a very traditional graffiti motif.

Metal crawfish

Composite metal piece made from aluminum, copper & steel.

Metal crawfish by Raseone

Detail of the laster cut, metal crawfish design as it was being de-burred, textured & assembled

metal crawfish by raseone

Crawfish design by Raseone made from cut aluminum, copper and steel – 48 inches in height.

Woodcut Crawfish design by Raseone for Crawdaddy restaurant.

Woodcut Crawfish design by Raseone for Crawdaddy restaurant.

Rase Downe

Downward reading lettering in one of Raseone’s signature handstyles. Versions of this style were used to create the “Rase Downe” family of Type faces.