Murals, Canvases & Artwork created in spray paint.

This is the description for the "ELKS" painting.

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This old school style, custom graffiti canvas was created by request for a client in New York.

Murals & custom paintings are some of the coolest jobs to work on. While I do work with a lot of different materials, these spray paint pieces are one of the truest forms of modern graffiti art. From canvases and hangable artwork for homes & businesses to large scale, sometimes massive murals it’s always a joy to work on one of these. On this page I’ve included some samples that range in age from about 1995 until today.

While the natural habitat for pieces like these would usually be an overpass, creek bed, sound wall or something like that I have had the opportunity to paint for concerts, night clubs, art shows, business, for photo shoots and commercial design & and as fine art for homes and gifts etc. I love to draw & paint & graffiti is a limitless genre where any media & any subject matter is acceptable. I prefer to paint lettering but I’ve painted strange things for clients in the past such as hamburgers & a sea horse.


The full canvas with all the details and colors requested by the client.


I painted this for my daughter shortly after she was born. It’s about 6 by 14 feet & done entirely in spray paint. For me works like this are usually unplanned & I tend to work without sketches.


This little wildstyle is about 5 by 7 feet. I painted this inside my buddies screen printing shop in San Jose.


I painted this big wildstyle piece alongside 4 other buddies from my crew. This was a huge wall & we only had 2 days to cover it from end to end.


This is my piece from a production I did with my crew mate “Gas one” back in about 1998 or so. Back then we painted with Krylon & Rusto & OSH cans… a very different experience then the paint & caps people work with today.


I painted this on a 4 by 8 sheet of masonite back in 2000. My crew mate “Gaze one” was having an art show with San Rodriguez & another artist friend “Crete”, myself & a few others


This was painted as part of a large collaborative mural with about 10 other artists. We covered the entire side of a small restaurant & bar top to bottom. This mural actually ran for years which is an uncommon thing for most graffiti productions.


This big silver piece was part of a production with 3 other artists. we covered a massive wall end to end with only 4 pieces. This is Circa 1999.


This 2008 piece was part of a large production with Gasr, Doc, Jaer & Eratyk. I painted this one with Krylon & OSH paint for old times sake.